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Orders are sent on 10-day approval with credit card payment (all major credit cards accepted) or deposit (depending on the size of the order), or when check clears. If you do not like what you get, FIRST LET US KNOW and then drop it back in the mail within 14 days of receipt and your money will be happily refunded, less shipping costs (25 days for international orders).

DOMESTIC SHIPPING:Shipping within the United States is via insured US Mail unless otherwise specified. Expensive orders will be sent via registered mail which takes a few extra days, but is worth it for the security and insurance savings. I will pay any costs over $25 for postage. Most shipments run $7-15, for reference. If you wish to pay extra for FedEx or Express Mail, that is also an option. I have a bulk shipping agreement with FedEx that will reduce costs from $25-50 per parcel to an average of $10-20 per parcel, very comparable to the rates obtained with US Postal Service.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders under $400: This will be as always, via the cheapest US MAIL method, unless otherwise requested. We assume responsibility for loss or damage en route, in this case. All gold, silver, and gems, as well as packages valued $400 and up, were in the past sent by registered mail which theoretically required signatures upon delivery, at an extra cost of $6-10 but no assurances of delivery or safety, and often these took weeks to arrive. We encourage customers to pay the extra few dollars for FEDEX shipment, however, and will cover any costs over $25 associated with every shipment.. In other words, the FedEx service is available for all orders, however small.

NOTE:If you live in England or Singapore, I strongly advise the FedEx option as those are the biggest problem countries for shipping delays/theft.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders over $500: All orders near or over $500 will be sent via Federal Express or DHL unless specifically requested to the contrary and we will assume full liability for these shipments. These shipments generally run $50-100 BUT I WILL PAY for any shipping charges over $25, and so $25 is the effective maximum for any order's shipping fees that a customer will be charged. These packages will be received in 2-4 days in most cases, and clear customs very quickly, with courier service agents on hand to ensure that mineral specimens are not stolen or lost if a package is opened. It is well worth the extra premium for the speed and safety of this service, in my opinion. If you do not wish to pay for this service, US AIRMAIL (plain, registered or express) can be used at a lower cost to the customer for postage. We cannot be responsible for delay, loss, or damage en route, should you choose to forgo the courier service in this price range (think of the FedEx service as cheap shipping insurance on your treasured specimens!).


Trade-In Policy
A collector's tastes change and mature over time, so we want to help you always to have the collection you want. Therefore, we will ALWAYS take back a lesser specimen of the SAME species in trade against a more expensive specimen of the same species.

Buy-Back Policy
Some things I'll always want back, because they are "hot" items. Unfortunately, we are just not wealthy enough to buy back all specimens outright, but should you wish to part with a specimen you purchased from us, please let us know as we may have had another customer in line for it to begin with, and therefore be able to buy it back from you or give credit for the return. I pride myself on trying to work with people in this regard.

Please submit specimen orders by e-mail even if you do not submit credit card info by email.

Buying at an online auction or website used to be a risky proposition. Buyers couldn’t be sure if sellers were legitimate, and sellers couldn’t be sure they would receive good funds. PayPal has changed that. Now, with PayPal’s Fraud Protection program, buyers and sellers alike can conduct online transactions knowing they’re protected. Buyers should look for the PayPal Verified banner when shopping, and be sure to double-check that the seller is Verified when sending money. Your purchase will be guaranteed if the seller doesn't ship. And since over 2 million auctions on eBay™ and thousands of websites accept PayPal, PayPal is the safe and easy way to take care of all your holiday shopping needs!

For Credit Card Information Transfer: SEND A FAX TO ME or call my voicemail , or email the number in 2-3 parts over separate emails


The Arkenstone - Dr. Robert Lavinsky
PO Box 450788
Garland, TX 75045-0788
Phone 972-414-9003 "normal hours" Central Time Zone, E-Fax 413-581-0589

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